Baby Bok Choy with Straw Mushroom

Ingredients A    
1 Bunch Baby Bok Choy
    Tbs.   Oil 
Slices  Ginger 
Cup  Chicken Broth 
1    tsp.  Salt 
Ingredients B  
1 Can Straw Mushroom** (13-15 oz.)
1½   Tbs.  Oyster Sauce
 1  tsp.   Sugar    
Ingredients C  
1 tsp.   Corn Starch
Tbs.  Water 


  1. Remove the root tip of baby bok choy and wash clean. Leaving the stem and leaf portions together.
  2. Drain straw mushroom from can and wash under running water. Drain and set aside for later use.
  3. In the wok, cook Ingredients A, except baby bok choy. When liquid boils, add in small portion of baby bok choy at a time.
  4. When baby bok choy appears to be lightly translucent green, use a pair of chopstick to remove from wok, and decorate in a round dish with the stem portion on the outside rim of the dish and leafy portion in the center. Repeat until all the baby bok choy are cooked and placed on the dish.
  5. Use the remaining broth to cook straw mushroom. Add oyster sauce and sugar. Allow the straw mushroom to simmer for a few minutes.
  6. Mix Ingredients C, gently stir in to wok to thicken the sauce.
  7. Pour straw mushroom with the thickened sauce onto the center of the dish over the leafy portion of baby bok choy.
This is a simple, beautiful, and delicious dish to make and serve when you have guests.
**Straw mushroom can be substituted by shitake mushrooms.


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